Donnell Ballard Jr

DJ Donny B


World Famous DJ Donny B, hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, he brings a mix of Dance & Cultural music from the South west of USA.

For over 20 years Donnell Ballard has been the best kept secret in Fort Worth, Texas, as an exceptionally gifted international Disc Jockey (DJ) with experience in presenting, linking and playing records; hosting phone-ins and interviewing guests on radio and television. Not a big movie person himself, but he enjoyed producing his own TV Show “Donny b aka MR.DONNELL BALLARD”. Having a proven competency with audio/video equipment, Donnell is computer and Internet literate, demonstrating his skills as an entertainment reporter for Celebrity News on Blog Talk Radio. He has a solid and varied knowledge of musical genres for clients aged 10 – 80 years old! His resume consists of a variety of music ranging from Hip Hop to Gospel.

Mr. Ballard offers Strong interpersonal skills both live and over the phone. By building a relationship with each performer, he is credited with helping the careers of dozens of independent artists.

Because of his enthusiastic, positive, and can-do attitude, throughout the various facets of his career, Donnell Ballard has been recognized for his personal commitment and creative talents. Having a true eye for detail, Mr. Ballard has a dynamic personal approach to photography. He has been working as a freelance photographer for over the past year for La Vida News, The Black Voice, and various other news entities. His primary interest is photojournalism but his experience includes an array of professional photographic and video production skills including but not limited to shooting, fashion shows, sports and wedding photography, website portfolios, and various behind-the-scenes productions and promotions. His expertises also consists of photo and video coverage of major media events for his own internet magazine, “Up and Down Magazine”, where he is a iReporter for CNN news. Donnell Ballard is able to create powerful and engaging photographs of products, places and people with a proven track record of performing well on teams as well as independently. I will now be working with coast2coastmixtapes as a new DJ. I have worked with 89.3 FM, and Kiss FM with Billy the Kid, with 106.7 FM with the Midday with DJ Spin with celebrity news, and Storm FM. Voice over for krnb 105.7fm. And I was working with BJ In the Morning Show on 105.7 on Wednesday mornings. I was part of kzee 1220am KZ Kingdom crew morning show. Not only that. Been on different television talk shows. From The Jerry Springer Show to The Ricki Lake Show and more. Currently the President of Nlistic Records.

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