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Paul Hyde


Originally from Brough; a village in East Yorkshire, my wife, Diane and I moved to Cantoria in the Almanzora Valley about five years ago. Until moving to Spain apart from love of music I had no experience woking in the music industry. After a year of being here, I started up a Karaoke/DJ business and thoroughly enjoy seeing people try out their new found talents.

A couple of years ago I was given the chance to present on another local radio station; spending eight very enjoyable months doing just that, until work commitments prevented me from carrying on any longer.

Happily I am now in the position to return to radio with the all new, and exiting ‘Heart Fm’.
My aim is to bring to you a Breakfast Show that is simple in it’s approach; music being at it’s heart rather than too much chat from me! I want to deliver an easy and gentle wake up to your day.


Beatz Karaoke and Disco


My Favourite Quote

“The secret is to listen to more music & less advice.” ~ P.H.

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